Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Birth of This Life Scientific (Now renamed 'Tom On Science')

Hello and welcome to my new and (hopefully) exciting new blog looking at developments in science and how people respond to them. 

My name is Tom Roberts and I have just finished my second year studying physics at the University of Birmingham and, with the long summer break stretching out in front of me, have decided that offering my opinions to possibly tens of people on the internet should be a fun and productive use of some of that time.

We all have something in our lives that we would describe as 'my passion', be it sport, art or (like those people who go on TV talent shows) singing/dancing about/singing and dancing about with a small dog etc.. In my case this would have to be science, which in my view is the best way to attempt to make sense of this complex, sometimes scary, but always exciting world. 

So armed with little more than a still decent post-exams working knowledge of second year physics, the blog can begin. The first proper post should be along fairly soon, so when it does feel free to get involved by commenting and sharing...

Note: To avoid any confusion, since this post the blog has been re-named to 'Tom On Science', because its a much shorter address and probably makes more sense as a title. 

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